About Jason Cohen Trends Capital

An alumnus of the Alan Kells Schools of Real Estate, Mr. Jason Cohen has come a long way since earning his licensure as a real estate agent. Taught by numerous licensed real estate professionals, Jason Cohen has developed the keen sense of industry protocol and healthy respect for client needs that has become a hallmark of his current service. Today, lending his experience to his role as President of Trends Capital, LLC, Jason Cohen expertly manages a wide range of properties in and around the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area. Jason Cohen’s education at the Alan Kells School of Real Estate played a large part in his strict adherence to exemplary customer service. Known among colleagues and clients alike for his savvy business sense and drive for results, Jason Cohen and his team at Trends Capital have established themselves as leaders in the property management sector. Beyond property management, Jason Cohen heads Trends Capital’s acquisitions team, which has accumulated over $10 million in assets over the past three years. Since Trends Capital’s inception, the company has targeted various urban blights for stabilization and subsequent profitability. For more information about Trends Capital, visit http://www.trendscapital.com or call (888) 57-TRENDS.


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